GM Farm Ops #3342S

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Job Description: 

We are looking for a great communicator that is innovative and progressive in farming while being able to plan, direct and manage, through subordinate supervisory personnel, activities of workers engaged in agricultural crop production.
This person will execute and manage all farming activities including irrigation system installation and management, land prep, planting, fertilization, pesticide applications, pruning, and harvesting.

Responsibilities & Duties: 
  • Use the best agricultural practices to grow all crops planted. 
  • Record information such as production figures and farm management practices, and prepare financial and operational reports.  Evaluate financial statements and make budget proposals. 
  • Prepare the annual capital expenditure and operating expense budgets and conduct monthly reviews to ensure all operations are within budgetary parameters. 
  • Interpret company policies to workers and enforce safety regulations. 
  • Achieve maximum yields of crops planted allowing for weather and other natural factors. 
  • Analyze soil to determine types and quantities of fertilizer/water drainage required for maximum production. 
  • Purchase machinery, equipment, and supplies such as tractors, seed, fertilizer and chemicals. 
  • Analyze contract requests  to determine acreage allocations.

This position needs a progressive farmer who is a great communicator to direct and coordinate worker activities such as planting, irrigation, chemical application, harvesting, and grading. In addition, you will need to inspect fields to determine maturity dates of crops, or to estimate potential crop damage from weather.
A confident, experienced manager that has the ability to hire, discharge, transfer, train and promote workers while monitoring adherence to food safety and social responsibility guidelines.

  • Have a strong agricultural background with preferably some horticultural experience.
  • Knowledge of food safety laws, regulations, guidelines, and standards as well as knowledge of social responsibility issues. 
  • Have a good safe working knowledge of farm machinery and farm operations. 
  • Have experience managing staff. 
  • Be experienced in technology used in today’s agricultural field.
  • MUST be Bi-lingual and Biliterate.

Bachelor’s degree in agriculture preferred, or 10+ years’ experience in farm management as a substitute for degree.  Experience growing and harvesting various fruits and vegetables as well as other crops specific to farm area.

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